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Are There Degrees Other Than Education and Business That You Can Get Online?

It is certainly true that the vast amount of degree programs that you see advertised for online education are going to be made up by and large of things like education, business, technology, and nursing. These are some of the most common careers for people to want to go into. As such, they are some of the most common degree programs, so it makes fiscal sense for universities to offer them online. However, as more and more universities expand their online course offerings, it is becoming possible to complete online degrees in more and more disciplines that were once restricted solely to physical campuses. A perfect example of this is the online history degree.

There are now many different online schools that are offering an online history degree, so it is not like this is a special offering restricted to a single school. This might not seem like a career oriented type of degree, but there are some careers that you can easily get into through a history degree. In addition, there are many people who choose to take further education as a means of improving themselves as much as for any other reason.

If you're interested in an online history degree, you might already have a Bachelor's degree. The good news is that there are also a variety of different programs out there that are offering masters degrees in history over the internet. These obviously demand a more intense level of study, and they will require that you have a Bachelor's degree in history or a related discipline before beginning, but they can help greatly in building your reputation as a serious historian.

Make no mistake about it; there is work out there for those that want to pursue an online history degree. Many of the individuals that are interested in this field end up working for cultural institutions or organizations related to their area of interest. Also, many also go on to write in the field based on their personal interests. For people who are interested in writing, taking your studies further, such as to the Masters or even PhD level, can be beneficial. The more impressive looking your credentials, the easier it can be to obtain a book contract at times. Getting those higher degrees also opens up doors for a career as a professor at a college or University if that is a career path they are interested in exploring.

Online Business Education - 5 Easy Steps To Recording Slideshow Presentation Using Ink2Go

In this online business education article you will learn the 5 easy steps to recording your slideshow presentation using Ink2Go screen recording software from EyePowerGames.

Getting Started With Ink2Go

When getting started with Ink2Go screen recording software, you need to ensure that the mouse cursor is selected on the Ink2Go toolbar. Next, open your slideshow presentation and begin the slideshow, so that the first slide appears on your screen.

There Are 5 Easy Steps To Remember When Recording Your Slideshow Presentation:

1. Select The Region Of The Screen

Once you have your slideshow presentation ready to begin, click on the "select a region" icon (the yellow rectangle) which is the second icon from the right on your Ink2Go toolbar. Next, drag the box out around the slide of your slideshow presentation. This ensures that the screen recording software will only record the region of the screen you have selected. This is extremely useful, as you can cut out anything else on your screen you do not wish to record.

2. Turn Off The Record Mouse Option

For the purposes of recording a slideshow presentation, you do not want your mouse movements to be recorded, so you will need to turn off the record mouse option. To do this, right click with your mouse on the Ink2Go icon showing at the bottom of your screen and then uncheck "Record Mouse" by clicking on it.

3. Hide The Ink2Go Toolbar Before Recording

You will need to minimize the toolbar before you begin recording your screen, so that it does not appear in your video. Click on the white dash in the top right corner of the toolbar and this will hide the toolbar and move it to the side of your screen.

4. Press F7 To Start And Stop Recording

To begin recording your slideshow presentation, use the shortcut F7. You will then be prompted to select a location to save your video and name it. Once you have clicked on "Save" your recording will start, so be prepared!

Use your microphone to record your voice as you read through your presentation, changing the captions and slides as you go. Press F7 again to stop the recording.


Remember to SMILE and sound ANIMATED while you record your voice over.

This final step will make all the difference to your video, as smiling and delivering your presentation in an upbeat and enthusiastic tone will keep your viewers attention and encourage them to watch more of your videos.

Thank you for reading. For further online business education, please see my other Ezine articles. My mission is to help and inspire you to succeed with your online business, so that you have more time for the things in life that matter the most. To meet my mentor and find out how build an online business from home and become your own boss, please visit

Why Business Leaders Need Executive Education

While many people dream of owning or running a business, they do not dream of the hiccups and problems they may encounter along the way. These issues often come in the form of employee conflicts, challenges in staff training and how to be an effective executive. Many people learn these skills as they develop their businesses, but savvy business leaders take the time to gain professional training. Taking the time to learn about the fundamentals of effective leadership can help a company grow and become more successful. Classes are available through executive education and leadership programs at local universities.

Every industry changes and grows, and every business needs to learn how to keep up with the competition and even surpass it. Executive education programs help the management and leaders at the top to build a better understanding of how their company is run, what its strengths and weaknesses are and how they can manage it better. People that stop learning and changing tend to become stagnant both personally and professionally.

Every business is only as strong as its weakest link. When executives take the time to discover how to help their employees learn, grow and better performs their duties, it will also help the company as a whole. This is done through conflict management training. It is also helpful for management to learn how to deal with issues such as unhappy or overburdened employees, staff development and training, technical problems and the art of negotiation through various classes and seminars.

Taking time out for leadership training is sometimes difficult for the person with the most responsibilities in the company. They may have a busy schedule or feel as if they cannot leave the employees alone for any length of time. However, investing the time training seminars and certificate programs is an investment in the future that management cannot afford to ignore. There are several ways that executives can find the time for training. These include attending regular seminars with keynote speakers, attending short educational luncheons or going to week-long executive leadership development program workshops.

There are many different ways for executives to improve their approaches toward business. These courses and seminars come in the form of certificate programs, customized personal development programs. They are available through a university or extended educational service. Once the top level of management has discovered ways to make the business stronger and more efficient, they can begin to focus on the other parts of the company and business.

Major Benefits of Investing in an Education Franchise Business

Education is a growing sector in India and offers potential business opportunities for those who wish to enter the business world. India has the world's largest youth population which wants to receive quality education with world class training systems. This allows new educational concept to enter the Indian market and become popular through franchising. Just see how KidsZee, Arihant Institute, British Academy For English School, NIIT are doing good business in the education sector and there branches can seen in different parts of the country. This has been possible only due to the concept of franchising.

Starting an education & training franchises business has become quite common nowadays as here the success rate is very high. There are many advantages of starting an education franchise business in India, such as:

High Success Rate: The best thing about investing in an education franchise is that you would be working on an already established business format that has a brand value in the market. This way investors and entrepreneurs don't have to struggle much to market their product to attract customers. As people are aware of the education firm and know about the brand, they won't be hesitating to buy your services. Moreover, it has been found that opening an education franchise business have at least 70% chances of surviving.

Full Support from the Franchisor: Whenever you plan to invest in an education franchise concept, remember that full support will be offered by the franchisor. As a franchisee, an investor will get all the equipments, training materials, instruction manuals, supplies and all the required assistance from the franchisor. This will surely help in starting a business in the education sector.

Marketing Benefits: Along with this, education franchise owners get benefitted from the different types of marketing campaigns started by the parent company or the franchisor. At times, franchisors also offer training to their franchises to help them manage their new business effectively and develop effective marketing strategies. Remember that the franchisors have adequate knowledge on how to operate and manage business successfully and are ready to help investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to take the franchise of their business.

Easy To Target Customers: The biggest advantage of any education and training franchises that a franchisee doesn't have to make many efforts to attract customers. The brand is already well name in the market with a good reputation. For instance a popular education franchise is KidsZee where 250 business partners join them in a year. The reason behind this is that this child education franchise has a brand name and is well renowned for imparting high quality education to small kids.

Financial assistance: It is comparatively much easier to obtain loan in order start a franchisee business. Quite often franchisors finance new franchise owners either directly or by arranging loan through lending institutions.

All these benefits make an education franchise business a great option for anyone interested in starting their own business. Opening an education franchise ensures great chances of success at a minimum of risk.

Educational Franchise Businesses Are Practical and Profitable

Education in India is a field of great scope for potential business opportunities like educational franchises. India houses the largest section of youth population. They are always on the look out for quality education with world class training systems. This offers great possibility for new educational ideas to enter the Indian market and become accepted. This is where the idea of franchising becomes relevant.

Kids Zee, British Academy for English School, Arihant Institute and NIIT are fine examples, which do good business in the education field. They have branches all over the country. This happened only due to franchising.

There are many benefits of opening an education franchise business in India. The best thing of spending in an education franchise is that you will be able to work on a business which has been established already. This saves investors and business people from too much strain and struggle to sell their product in order to gain the attraction of customers. If people are familiar with the education firm and the brand, they will be willing to purchase your services. It has been established that starting an education franchise business have a high success rate, at least 70% chances of survival.

Full Support from the Franchiser is another attractive feature of the business. Franchisers provide full support to investors in an education franchise. As a franchisee, an investor will be supplied with all the necessary equipments, training objects, instruction manuals, and all the needed help from the franchiser. This will surely help in starting a business in the education sector. This indeed will be a great help to an investor.

Moreover, the marketing benefits provided for the franchisees or investors will include the diverse marketing campaigns by the parent company or the franchiser. Every now and then, franchisers also present training to their franchises to assist them runs their*new venture successfully. This will help the investors expand other marketing strategies better. The franchisers have ample experience and knowledge on how to run and manage business profitably. They are ever ready to help franchisees and entrepreneurs who are ready to franchise their business.

Financial assistance is easy for a franchisee business. Quite frequently franchisers sponsors new franchise owners directly or by organizing loan for them by means of lending institutions. Considering all the pros and cons of the business, there is no doubt an education franchise will be a profitable business.